The Best Mother’s Day Gifts at Costco

There is nothing more rewarding than gift-giving. Personally, I LOVE buying gifts. Some people are SO hard to buy for, while others can be fun. We need to really get creative and think about what someone would like.

Mother’s day gifts are easy at Costco, so many ideas are waiting for us.

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and you may be making plans.

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day?

When I became a mom, I began spending the day with my own children. I love to drop my mom a card and pick up her favorite flower hanging basket each year.

My husband uses the day as an opportunity to take the kids shopping to pick out a gift on their own and something for his mother. So we spend the day together, and I usually get my favorite gift, time alone!

I know many of you will be on the hunt for the perfect gift. Whether you want to stick with traditional or something unique, Costco has some great options to check out.

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Flowers are a great way to show mom that you are thankful for her. But, only give flowers to your mom if you know she will love them. Although, some people love having flowers. Personally, I would prefer something else.

mother's day gifts at costco
mother's day gifts at costco

Our Costco is a 30-minute drive from our home. Stopping in would not be the most convenient option for a gift. I was really excited to see that you can order flowers for delivery at!


mother's day gifts at costco

My husband got me a robot vacuum for Christmas, and it is amazing. If the special mom in your life does not have one, it will make a great gift!

Typically I would say to shy away from appliance-type gifts, but if you think she would be as excited about a robot vacuum as I was, you can pick up this one at Costco for $249.


mother's day gifts at costco

I know it’s another vacuum, but hear me out. This is the mother of all vacuums and is like giving your mom a gift of freedom and convenience.

These cordless vacuums are top of the line and are pretty darn amazing. For $379, you can get the most basic type. Costco also has two other versions available in the warehouse.


mother's day gifts at costco

Making this list, I was completely thinking of what I would love to get as a gift. First, however, I need to find a way to show my husband this chair would bring me joy subtly.

I can see myself lounging on the deck come spring. Priced at $179.99, this is a quality chair. Costco also has tons of gorgeous patio sets available in the warehouse or online.


mother's day gifts at costco

This is a fancy indoor/Outdoor Atomic Wall Clock. For $59.99, this is a unique gift when you are not quite sure what to get.


mother's day gifts at costco

How fun is this Native Bee Barn. This would be such a fun gift for $23.99.

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mother's day gifts at costco

I bought my mother a wind chime for Mother’s Day one year. It is a gift she can use right away and keep for years. This one is huge and stands on its own. Priced at $58.99.

If you love shopping BJs, too, we have a list of our Favorite Mother’s day gifts at BJs here.


mother's day gifts at costco

These raised garden beds are $66.99. The best gift yet would be to install them and get them ready for planting.


mother's day gifts at costco

We live in Wisconsin. When Mother’s Day comes around, everyone is VERY excited about spring arriving. For gardens and flowers, Mother’s Day weekend is a day of planting.

Check out how much we loved Costco’s garden selection over BJs here.

Usually, the frosty nights are over, and plants can survive. Costco has a ton of planters and garden supplies. If your mom likes to garden, I bet it would brighten her day to shop this aisle with you on Mother’s Day.

Here is a detailed Garden Gift guide to give you more ideas.

Costco Membership

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The best part is you can get the membership online here, and then she can go to her local club and redeem it.

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There are tons of gift options at Costco. Only you know the special person best and can find the perfect gift to suit them. You might consider a gift card or an act of service, depending on your mom’s personality.

I hope this list planted some fun ideas. Share your Mother’s Day gift ideas with us; we would love to hear them.

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mother's day gifts at costco


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