6 Must Buy Baby Items at Costco

Preparing for a baby is one of the most exciting times in someone’s life. As a mother to four kiddos, I remember all to well the prep time. While I admit preparing became easier as time went on, there was still quite a list of must-have items.

When you’re a new mom, your baby registry is loaded with the cutest and on-trend baby gadgets, gear, and outfits. While this is fun, my advice to you is to tell everyone you know to grab diapers and wipes.

I had no idea that a single baby could go through so many diapers in the first few months of life. 

As you head to the stores, you are bombarded with a million choices of diapers and wipes. What brand, style, sizes should you pick up?  When my first two children were babies we actually used cloth diapers.

I was attracted to the idea of saving as much money as possible and completely open to the cloth diapering world.

While cloth diapering saved a ton of money, there were definitely times when a disposable diaper was WAY easier. I would stalk coupon pages and websites to find the absolute best deal. By the time baby number three came, cloth diapers were too much work and we were 100 % disposable.

My youngest daughter is now 3 years old. We are fully potty trained, and saying goodbye for good to all things tiny baby.

When we were in the throws of diapers, I heard over and over again about Costco diapers. This was back when we did not have a membership and Costco was new to our area.  When I heard my grandparents got a membership, I had them order some Kirkland brand diapers online for us.

Here are the top 6 items you must buy from Costco if you’re having a baby.


kirkland baby wipes

I was so anxious to try these when they came. We were able to get them discounted at the time. The normal price for size 1 ( 192 pack) Kirkland diapers is $29.99.

The diapers are incredibly similar to name brand Huggies and what people love the most is that it has the waistband ( preventing those blowouts up the back). The diapers are soft to the touch, smell nice and hold up for heavy wetters. Rumor is Kirkland brand diapers are Huggies.

If you see these diapers on sale, I highly recommend that you stock up.

Really want to just stick with Huggies? Just like with many other items Costco chooses 1 or 2 of the leading brands and keeps that in stock as well.

Do you shop BJs Club too? We have our Favorite BJs baby deals here.

You can get size 1 diapers ( 192 count box) for $39.99 at Costco right now. Might I recommend you do your own comparison, you could be saving yourself quite a bit of money by going with Kirkland.


Experienced mom over here, wipes that come in bulk with individualized bags with snap lids are a must. Nobody has time for dried up wipes when cleaning a squiggly moving baby bum.

These are unscented and worked great on my baby’s sensitive skin. These come with 900 wipes for $19.99. We still have them in the house and use them for cleanup time.


Need formula for your little one? WOW, who knew that cost could be so hefty right? When my little ones went from nursing to formula, we always went with the store brand. You can get a canister of Kirkland Pro Care Infant Formula for $19.49.

Costco also carried 3 formula variations of Similac if your baby has special digestive needs.


Need training pants for your toddler? I did not see a Kirkland brand, but Costco did have 2T-3T and 4T-5T pull-Ups. A box of 128 is $37.49.


Do not forget to check your Costco for baby toys and board books. You can get extremely good prices on some of the classics.

Heading to a baby shower? Take advantage of your Costco membership and really love on your pregnant friend by stocking up in these bulk size baby options.

Make sure to maximize your savings and time by adding these baby items to your shopping list.

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