5 Popular Costco Summer Treats for 2021

I get it; It’s Hot. Who wants even to go outside right now? Summers are getting hotter and hotter. Luckily, Costco has everything we need, right?

We’ve been posting tons of Costco member’s favorite pickups, and I had to share these in a list!

We get tons of input from our Members in our Facebook group about what’s hot and what’s not. If you’re a Costco diehard, be sure to stick around and compare our favorites. If I miss any, feel free to join our group or drop a comment below.

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5 Popular Items to Buy at Costco This Summer

Bibigo Mini Wontons – Chicken and Cilantro $9.99

These have been blowing up on TikTok as a quick takeout-like option you can make at home in literally 2 minutes in the Microwave. Precooked, so you heat and eat. Many prefer these Bibigo Mini Wontons in an Air Fryer. Usually under $10 for a 3lb bag! Nice!

Dark Chocolate Covered Mangoes $9.99

dark chocolate mangoes

Kirkland does it again! These are one of our reader’s most coveted and highly praised snacks. Careful! You may eat most in one sitting. They include 20 oz per bag with real fruit and responsibly sourced dark chocolate.

These are so popular year-round it makes them somewhat hard to find. So grab them if you see them. You can always freeze them and save them for special snacking occasions.

La Colombe Coffee Variety Pack $20

I usually grab my Coffee at Costco because, let’s be real here. Most of us go through a lot of Coffee! Whether you want it Ground, Whole Bean, Starbucks, Kirkland, Caribou, Dunkin, Mayorga, or others.

This La Colombe Coffee Variety Pack is a steal! Typically these cans are $2+ individually. With this, you get 12 for $20. These cold brews include 4 Triple Shots, 4 Mochas, and 4 Vanilla 9oz cans with Foamy Nitrous infused milk. So smooth!

Just Bare Lightly Breaded Chicken Nuggets – Chik-Fil-A Fans! Under $20

Another trending food on TikTok was these Just Bare Lightly Breaded Chicken Nuggets at Costco. People raved about how similar they were to Chik Fil A nuggets. A 64 oz bag for about $17 compared to Chik Fil A’s 12 ct for $9.85.

These are a little saltier than Chik Fil A’s sweeter profile. Store these in your Freezer, and your kids won’t notice a difference if you keep a Chik Fil A box on hand. Game Changer!

Kirkland Frozen Cocktail Pops $16.99

kirkland vodka cocktails

This one is for the Adults! Cooldown and relax! Our Facebook Members love these Kirkland Frozen Cocktail Pops. They are 8% abv with 100 calories or less and no artificial sweeteners. Each tub or package includes 18 pops with Lime Drop, Strawberry Freeze, and Watermelon Hibiscus.

My favorite is the Strawberry. Don’t miss out on these. People also love the Kirkland Margarita Mix.

Did We Miss Any Crucial Summer Favorites? Let us know!


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