Frozen Cocktails are BACK at Costco

In Club Only

In our Facebook group a member shared the Vodka Skinny Popsicle back at her club. In our area Rochester NY I didn’t find those at Costco Wholesale. Instead I found these. Claffy’s Frozen Cocktails.  

Now it looks like Costco is stepping it up this year 2020 with Kirkland Ready to Freeze Vodka Cocktails. I’m taking a Costco trip this weekend to report back if these are in our local club.

With only 100 calories per pop and 8% Alc/Vol.

These are not available online and in select clubs.

Not a member? You should be! Get a $10 or $20 Costco Shop Card when you sign up for a membership here. 


frozen cocktails costco




Kirkland Signature 8% Alcohol Ready to Freeze Vodka Cocktails (100 ...



You get 12 Popsicle with alcohol in six different flavors. 


The price is $17.99. Maybe they will go on sale?!


If you have tried these share with us in our Facebook group for Costco ONLY deals here. 




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