Fireworks Available at Costco & BJs

Depending on your local state’s laws you may or may not have fireworks available at your local wholesale club. Today I saw Fireworks out at our local BJs and Costco in Rochester, NY area.

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Are fireworks a good deal? I find comparable prices at wholesale clubs.  We did get a couple of the packages last year for our party and it was a blast.  Let us know if you find good prices at Costco or BJs for fireworks.

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Here’s some of the ones I spotted.

fireworks at BJs wholesale club

This is at BJs.

They are selling out quickly this year.  We usually get a pack at BJs and have been pretty impressed. Very few duds.



fireworks at costco

Here is the lineup of fireworks at Costco in our Rochester NY store. Feel free to drop a comment below and share if your Costco has any. Or join our Facebook group and let us know.


Over on Reddit there is a thread on how Costco fireworks are.  Most say they are worth it.










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