Kid-Friendly Food Snacks at Costco

Cheap snack options are one of my top priorities right now. As a mom of three in the middle of a pandemic, few things have become as important as having many snack options for my kids. But, seriously, how is it that my children are always so hungry? 

As usual, it is Costco to the rescue with snacks for kids all under $10. 

For the last few months and heading into the fall, I have noticed that one of my biggest priorities while grocery shopping is getting snacks for my family. 

This list is the essential snacks that I always keep in the pantry for my kids. Each one is under $10 and will keep your kids content before dinner. Looking for healthier snack options? Check out my favorite vegan snacks lists here.

No matter the activity, any experienced mom will tell you that packing snacks is one of the most important parts of organizing any successful day out.

Whether it’s a trip to the beach, a soccer game, or you are doing an independent play at home, having easy-to-access snacks is really important. 

Excited to see what I always add to my Costco shopping cart? Keep Reading and see for yourself!

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Kirkland Signature Soft and Chewy Granola Bars

As a mom of three young kids, these Kirkland Signature Granola Bars are a must-have in our house. With whole rolled oats and no artificial flavors, these are the perfect snack bars to keep your family happy between meals.

They even have a few semisweet chocolate chips in each bar to keep your kids excited for these snacks time and time again.

Pro-tip for you: Add some of your favorite nut butter for a lower calorie candy bar, and thank me later. 

Kirkland Signature Organic Applesauce Pouches

The Apple Sauce Pouches are the perfect kid snack, and since they are from the Kirkland Signature brand, you know that they are of great quality.

A bonus is that they are gluten-free with no sugar added so that these applesauce pouches won’t cause a crazy spike in energy than a sugar crash. 

The pouch design is awesome, too- it makes them leakproof, so they are perfect for throwing in your purse, diaper bag, or lunchbox. 

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Goldfish Snack Packs

Goldfish crackers are one of the best things to happen to childhood, in my opinion. Even the pickiest of eaters like them, and they complement almost any meal.

I’ve added these goldfish Packs as a simple side to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or even gotten fancier by adding it to tomato soup. 

These snack packs are a dream come true for keeping kids content and full.  

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Motts Assorted Fruit Snacks- 90 count

Looking for the best-tasting fruit snacks? Well, look no further because Costco has them. So next time you visit my favorite big box store, grab a box of the Motts Assorted Fruit Snacks.

You won’t regret it! Each box comes with 90 bags perfect for little hands to grab and go.

I like to keep a box of kid snacks on the bottom of my pantry, and the Motts Fruit Snacks are perfect for this. Kids can grab one and go. 

Did I get my pantry storage boxes from Costco? Why yes, I did!

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The Good Bean Chickpeas

The Good Bean Chickpeas are a fun alternative to chips with a really nice crunch. This is also perfect for helping your kids increase their protein and fiber.

If your family deals with any allergies, this is a perfect option for you- this snack is gluten-free, nut-free, and soy-free. 

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I love these chickpeas on their own, add them to a salad or add them to a homemade trail mix, which is why I always purchase the Good Bean Chickpeas in the sea salt flavor. 

Yoplait Go Gurt Simple 

Go-Gurt is one of those staple kid snacks that everyone loves. It’s perfect for kids running in and out of the house because the yogurt gives long-lasting energy and tastes amazing.

This ‘simple’ version at Costco is even better because they have made the opening even easier so your kids can open it independently. 

Each box comes with 32 tubes, so you should be good for a few weeks with this cheap snack option at Costco!

costco snacks for kids cheap

Pop Corners 

In my experience, kids love rice cakes. The only problem? They can be a little messy and leave crumbs all over the place.

This is why I love Pop Corners- they are smaller rice cakes that taste really great and come in the perfect size, so you don’t get crumbs everywhere. 

This box comes with 28 snack bags and is the perfect addition to help liven up any boring old lunch. 

Harvest Snap Peas

Okay, I admit it- the Harvest Snap Peas bag that I purchase from Costco is as much for me as it is for my kids. I know this article is about cheap kid snacks, but these taste so great I usually pour myself a bowl with my kids. 

These snap peas are light, nongreasy, and full of fiber. I like to use these snap peas in place of a big bowl of popcorn on our family movie nights. 

In Conclusion to Kids Snacks at Costco for Under $10

Here’s the deal with Costco- they have great options for families to help them get whatever they need. The quality is always great, and the price typically cannot be beaten.

This is why I always shop there for my snack needs. For something as important as managing my kid’s snack needs, Costco is the place to shop. 

Tell me, Mama’s- what did I miss? Do you have any can’t miss kid snacks from Costco? Tell me below! 


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